Wireless. Effortless. Magical

Apple’s new AirPods, those minuscule remote earbuds that seem as though Q-Tips hanging from your ears, are the absolute coolest sound frill you can purchase today. 

Simply embed the buds into your ears and they work immediately and consistently with your iPhone. At the point when you are finished utilizing them, pop them into a white case that recharges their capacity. They are smooth, creative, and advantageous. 

I could go on, however, this is the place where the spouting stops. That is on the grounds that AirPods have a limited life. That implies you will most likely need to purchase new ones at regular intervals, as though they were a decent pair of shoes. 

Here’s the way I know: After I purchased Apple’s original AirPods in late 2016, they turned into my #1 headset for accepting calls and tuning in to digital recordings. Their absence of wires made moving around simpler, staying away from a wreck of tangled strings. I haven’t once thought to be returning to wired earphones.