Air Fryers: Are They Worth It?

Air fryers are a webtop choice—they’re promoted as a simple method to prepare your top unhealthy picks (like fried food or french fries) without giving up any of the scrumptiousness. You may be convinced to chow down your favorite, not-so-healthy foods without any guilt.

But, is it true that Air fryers are healthy? Here’s a glance at how this in vogue new kitchen machine works, whether air frying truly is a superior decision than deep frying, and if air fryers are genuinely the sort of thing that is alright to utilize each day.

How do they work?

An air fryer is a device that is essentially a small countertop oven that has an oval or an egg-like shape. It utilizes a convection instrument to prepare the food. The Air fryer has a fan connected to it which circles the hot air inside it. This hot air prepares the food which is kept in its fryer bin and gives it a crisp coating but keeps the food moist inside. It utilizes practically zero or very little oil to cook the food.


The major advantage of an air fryer is its health benefits. There are numerous benefits of using less oil – firstly it helps you to cut down your calorie intake which reduces your waistline. Secondly, you do not have to spend a huge amount of money purchasing cooking oil. Avoiding deep-fried food also improves heart health. 

Air fryers take very little space in the kitchen and cook food quickly compared to traditional means. They are also more secure since they are independent cooking machines that guarantee that the client is shielded from the warming component and any type of oil that may splatter when cooking. When contrasted with the standard deep fryers which splatter and consume anything in their nearby vicinity, air fryers guarantee that space is sheltered and nobody gets scorched.


Air-fryers create high temperatures at a quick rate, consequently causing it incredibly simple to burn food. This burned food might be cancer-causing. Air Fryers are pretty small and the basket cannot hold a huge capacity. Thus, they are not suitable if you want to cook large quantities of food. Additionally, the bigger Air Fryers tend to become more expensive. Lastly, a convection oven, to an extent fulfills the functions of an Air Fryer and also provides a few additional benefits.

So, are Air fryers worth it?

Well, if you are someone who has deep-fried food regularly, then air fryers are a great alternative. However, if you occasionally consume fried food then there is no reason for you to not indulge and enjoy your favorite food once in a while.