Evolution Of iPhone

The device launched back in 2007 is not just a phone but it’s the most influential technology ever created. Apple with its quality and tight grip on the hardware and software has cleaved the smartphone world into just two groups, Apple phones and those that everyone else owns. Apple has come a long way from the first phone it launched which revolutionized the tech world to bring the most complex computing in hands of every individual out there.

This October Apple launched yet another iteration of the phone giving users the best-in-class experience and offering some latest technologies to its end-user. iPhone 12, for the first time, is compatible with 5G the ultrafast fifth-generation wireless networks that will theoretically let people download a movie to their devices in seconds. The latest A-series silicon chip makes groundbreaking changes in the CPU and GPU. Apple says that the A14 makes it the first to use five-nanometer process technology, incredibly small-scale but powerful architecture, with 11.8 billion transistors packed into the chip, up 40% on its previous generation seven-nanometer chips. The chip also features a 16-core neural engine which is essential for machine learning and can also be used by any app that relies on AI processes.

For people who loved how compact the 5s was,iPhone 12 mini serves a similar look and feel. The only con is that for just 64GB it has a high price and possible low battery life.

The 12 pro max also comes with sensor-shift optical image stabilization along with 10-bit Dolby vision HDR 4k 60 fps video, this is the only camera to shoot in Dolby vision giving the photo and video lovers the best experience

Another shocking announcement with the new iPhone was the absence of chargers and earbuds in the box. Users have harshly criticized the company for this move and will have to purchase these accessories separately if needed. While some see it as cost-cutting or a way for Apple to profit further by forcing customers to buy the products separately, the technology giant said the goal was to reduce its carbon footprint. When one looks at the statistics the carbon footprint logic seems less of a gimmick. Apple’s decision to ship phones without chargers would still reduce the use of precious materials. A smaller product box would let Apple fit up to 70% more products onto shipping pallets — reducing carbon emissions from shipping. Apple equates its recent “climate-conscious” changes to the iPhone 12 by removing 450,000 cars from the road annually. The company has a target of becoming carbon-neutral by 2030.

To sum it up if you are an iPhone fan would suggest buying any of the iPhone 12 models to future proof yourself with the 5G technology.