How to Wear Layers the Right Way?

We all have had the question pop in our minds, ‘How to wear layers the right way?’ It may seem a bit complicated in the beginning, but once you learn the right ways, layering up won’t feel like a colossal task anymore. Here are the five most important things to keep in mind to ace the layered look.

Wear a thin material inside and thick material outside

The first layer you wear should always be minimal and made of thin, breathable material. Wearing a thin material close to your body will keep you comfortable throughout the day. On the other hand, wearing a thick fabric on the outside will keep you warm. It will also give a contrastingly gorgeous look to the outfit.

A three-layered outfit is the best outfit

Wearing two layers would be good, but wearing three would be great, and any more than that would spoil the look. If you wear more than three layers, the outfit will look bulky. Over layering will make it lose its charm. Wearing three layers will be perfect, not too less, not too much, and just the right amount of warmth. Wearing layers more than that can cause overheating and make you lose your mobility.

Always wear dark on the outside and light on the inside

Most of the popular layered outfits are multi-colored. Wearing different contrast colors brings out the layers well as opposed to wearing the same color. However, the layers must be of colors that go well and complement each other. Go for primary contrast colors like the first layer can be white, the second layer can be grey, and the third layer can be black. You can even add the same color but different shades to it, with the first layer being light blue, the second layer dark blue, and the third layer can be navy blue.

Size the layers in the right way

Wearing the proper length of the layers can make a big difference in its final look. Just like colors, the sizes too should complement each other. For example, if you wear a normal-sized zipper and layer it with a blazer, it can give you a good corporate look which you might not be able to achieve with a cropped zipper and blazer combo.

Each layer should work on its own

Every layer you wear should look good without the other, on its own. For example, if you end up spilling coffee on your jacket and have to take it off, the rest of the outfit should look good even without that jacket. Remember to choose your layers wisely. Every layer should possess its style. Also, make sure everything fits well and is the right size for you, so you can be comfortable even if you have to take off one or more layers.

These were the five steps to remember for the perfect layered look. Layering gives you the chance to experiment and play around with any material you may have in your wardrobe. So, go and pair your layered outfits to look gorgeous anytime and anywhere.