Master The Art Of Indoor Lighting

Imagine your living room, you have all the elements, a cosy and comfortable sofa, added chairs to make a welcome sitting arrangement or to start a conversation, the coffee table to tie it all together, and include some art to add your pizazz to the place. But the right lighting can transform your room from mundane to magnificent. 

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of any living space, it can change the mood of a room as it does the perceived size of the room. It allows you to emphasize functional zones in an area, create a sense of perceptual hierarchy and directs a viewer’s gaze. The illusion of space is created by using light and even the smallest spaces can be transformed.

Though it is a tricky task and a crucial one too, the right type of lighting and its placement needs to be tied to planning the interiors of your rooms. A good lighting plan based on functionality and style combines three key areas:

Accent lighting; to highlight parts of the house and create a focus and drama. 

Ambient lighting; provides overall illumination and allows for a comfortable level of brightness.

Task lighting for performing certain tasks like reading, cooking, dining, etc.

To sum it up, well-made, beautiful furniture and a strategic layout are important elements of a living room design, but you now know what sets the mood: Lighting. From understated and recessed to over-the-top statement pieces, the options are endless. Go on exploring to keep your entertaining and hangout space well-lit, stylish, and functional.