4 Kitchen Remodeling Ideas To Freshen Up Your Home

As homeowners, you may have noticed that when you look at real estate properties, the kitchen is the first thing that catches your eye. Your choice is influenced by the floor plan, functionality, and even the color of the walls and wood cabinets. Creating a practical and modernized kitchen may raise the value of your house while also increasing your enjoyment of regular kitchen chores. Here are some concepts to consider when redesigning your kitchen.

Refresh the cabinets

The average cost of stock kitchen cabinets built ranges from $75 to $400+ per linear foot. Custom cabinetry will be considerably more expensive. However, if your cabinets are structurally intact, you can easily enhance them with a few basic techniques:

Replace the doors: If your cabinets are in decent shape, consider replacing the doors. You can buy new doors from cabinet stores or have a carpenter manufacture them for you. You can obtain a completely new look for a fraction of the cost.

Change the hardware: Accessories are always necessary. For a low-cost facelift, replace the pulls and knobs.

Paint: A fresh coat of paint is all that is required to make your cabinets look current and new. Although all-white cabinets are timeless, warm tones and greens are trendy cabinet colors.

Add a backsplash

Backsplashes are both a practical and aesthetically pleasing feature to any kitchen. They shield the walls, the countertops, and the area behind the stove. Shiplap, tile, peel and stick wallpaper, metal, stone, and other materials can be used for backsplashes. The cost and labor will vary depending on the materials used. Glass and stainless steel can be costly materials. Tiles are an inexpensive way to add color and pattern to a room. You can choose backsplashes from regular sizes, mosaics, or bricks, as well as a variety of materials such as ceramic, glass, and stone. Backsplashes also provide your kitchen with a splash of color and charm.

Replace lighting fixtures

Replacing old fixtures helps modernize your kitchen and increase visibility in working areas. Don’t only focus on the primary ceiling fittings. Task lights like under-cabinet lighting illuminate darkish areas of the kitchen, making the entire space brighter. They are easy to set up and fairly priced. LED lighting is a popular choice among builders and homeowners since it emits less heat, lasts significantly longer than incandescent bulbs, and consumes a fraction of the energy. The more light you have in your kitchen, the larger and more open it feels and appears.

Install stainless steel appliances

Stainless steel is used in most appliances today because of its durability, hygiene, and flexible strength. Wood-burners, steel grates, iron, and other materials that were commonly used in the past were unreliable. Stainless steel appliances are both durable and fashionable. They not only survive intense heat and cold temperatures, but they are also easy to clean. You might not have enough time to scrub those burners and spilled food, especially if they have dried from heat. With stainless steel equipment, a fast wipe is all that is required to eliminate the residue and stains, making your kitchen pristine. Aside from the high-end functionality, they also provide a modern feel to your kitchen decor.