New Xbox Series X is Here

The Microsoft Xbox Series X is here with the latest designs and improved hardware. The Series X is the most impressive console the organization has at any point released. The Series X sneaks up suddenly and is a commendable participant in the always enduring Xbox versus Playstation battle.

The Microsoft Xbox Series X is officially here! With a replacement design and improved hardware, the Series X is the most powerful console the corporation has ever released.

It’s also only one console in Microsoft’s next-gen lineup, with the Xbox Series S launching as a more budget-friendly alternative. If you can’t decide between the Series X and the Series S, you better check out everything about the Xbox Series X!

At a Look:

The Xbox Series X is Microsoft’s gaming system. It has cutting-edge technology and offers peak performance that surpasses the competition. Unfortunately, it struggles to touch out the gate thanks to a less-than-impressive launch library.

The good news is that everybody will have access to older titles at their highest quality and access to Microsoft’s fantastic game subscription service. Even better, tons of next-gen titles will launch throughout 2021, which is all well and good, since it’s nearly impossible to urge your hands on the Xbox Series X immediately anyway.

We’ll have a look at all the details below, but here’s the short version. Microsoft is playing the best game with the Xbox Series X. You won’t get the moment gratification most expect with a replacement launch, but the next-gen console has many times to prove itself within the end of the day.

Is the Xbox Series X Worth It?

The Xbox Series X is a powerful upgrade compared to its predecessors and features an equivalent starting price because the Xbox One X launched back in 2017. The Series X features a lot going for it. It’s powerful, offers amazing backward compatibility support, and has an ace within the hole in Xbox Game Pass. Overall, it offers an excellent balance of power and value for money.

That said, Microsoft doesn’t offer a compelling reason to shop for one just yet, especially if you’ve got the Xbox One X. The launch library is restricted, and you’ll play your games on an older console even as easily, albeit not at the very best possible quality.

There are tons to seem forward to though! To answer the question, the Xbox Series X is completely worthwhile. If you’re looking to shop into the Xbox ecosystem for the primary time, the Series X is the most suitable option. If you’re within the marketplace for an upgrade though, you’ll hold off for a short time. This is often possibly what you’d need to do regardless, given how difficult it’s to urge your hands on one immediately.

Experts’ Take:

Android Authority’s own Oliver Cragg reviewed the Xbox Series X and had tons of excellent things to mention about it. He’s a lover of the bold, yet understated design that’s quite different from previous generations but still recognizably “Xbox.” Setting everything up is quick and straightforward, especially if you start using the Xbox smartphone app.

He mentions that the Xbox Series X, despite its incredible specs, looks like an iterative update in a few ways. The new controller is simple and familiar but doesn’t have a wow factor. The Xbox UI could use an overhaul, or at the very least, be a better resolution.

Oliver didn’t face any problems with the performance though, and therefore the Xbox Game Pass is completely worth getting.

Xbox Series X Specs

The Xbox Series X may be a massive step above the older Xbox One family and is up to fourfold as powerful as its predecessor.

There’s a slot within the back of the console for extra storage, which plugs right into the motherboard to supply an equivalent incredible speed. The goal is to decrease loading times to a minimum and supply ultra-fast environment rendering. On top of the new internals, the Series X also features a Blu-ray disk reader for enjoying your favorite games and films and supporting 4K, HDR10, and Dolby Vision technology.

The Xbox Series X offers support for up to 120fps and 8K resolution.
As for games, the next-gen console can support up to 120fps and 8K resolution, although it’s unlikely to realize both simultaneously. The goal is to supply a uniform 60fps at 4K, which current-gen consoles just like the Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro struggle to realize even at 1080p.

Microsoft also introduced hardware-accelerated ray tracing on the Xbox Series X, which improves the real-time rendering of sunshine and shadows. On PCs, ray tracing is restricted to high-end GPUs just like the Nvidia RTX 2080 series, which alone can cost quite a replacement gaming console. You’ll also need a TV or a monitor with a high refresh rate and high resolution to require advantage of Xbox Series X’s great visuals.

To house all this powerful new Xbox hardware, the console’s physical size has ballooned. The Xbox Series X resembles a little PC tower that’s approximately 6 inches by 6 inches at the bottom, and 18 inches tall. It also features a perforated top with a strong (but quiet) fan inside. consistent with Microsoft, its size and highly engineered airflow design will guarantee minimal noise while gaming. We found that to be true in our review also. The console stayed mostly silent even after a couple of hours of gaming.

The Xbox Series X may be a herculean console that will quite hold its own against the newest from its long-time rival Sony PlayStation.